JET'S SCHOOL OF DANCE - Dance is magic - it is the language of the body
Jet's School of Dance was created in 1996 in Brussels.
Dance is very good for posture, strength and fitness and can also help children to be confident and part of a team within a class.    

Dance classes are available for :- 
Beginners classes for children (starting at 4 years) in Jazz and Tap.  These are fun classes encouraging  children to develop co-ordination, rhythm and confidence. 
Children and teens are then graded for their age and experience for jazz and tap. 
See Ages, levels & fees for more information
Hip Hop classes  -   These are classes teaching a structured method of Hip Hop and helps to develop fitness and stamina needed for this genre.  Safe dance methods are used and child friendly music.
Please note:-  it is not break dancing! 

Examinations are held every 2 years in order to control the standard of teaching.  The school has obtained a 100% pass rate in all the examination sessions in the past 22 years. 
The school puts on a major show every 2 years and also the pupils perform in other informal concerts, etc as well. 
See Events/News for more information
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